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Goods reclaim

How do I return my glasses?

To return the goods, please proceed as follows:

  1. Pack the glasses in the original package - pack the product in its original state in the original package with all its accessories.

  2. Download and fill in the form, attach it to the shipment - you can download the form by clicking on this link.

  3. Send the product to our address - send the product to the following address: Luxury Eyewear SK, Ltd., Pri Suchom mlyne 3900/31 811 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

  4. Wait for the answer - as soon as we receive the product, our employees will assess the situation and we will contact you immediately about the next steps.

  5. We will refund your money - after review and feedback, we will refund your money. This takes about 2-7 business days.

What are the general conditions for return?

  1. Warranty periods begin to run from the buyer's takeover. The seller does not provide a guarantee higher than that provided by the law.

  2. In the case of a defect that can be removed, the buyer has the right to be removed free of charge, in a timely and proper manner. The seller is required to remove the defect without undue delay.

  3. Instead of removing the defect, the buyer may request the exchange of the item or if the defect only concerns part of the thing, the replacement of the component, and the seller not incur excessive costs in relation to the price of the goods or the seriousness of the defect.

  4. The seller may always replace the defective item instead of removing the defect if it does not cause serious difficulties to the buyer.

  5. In the case of a defect that can not be removed and which prevents the thing from being properly used as a non-defective thing, the buyer has the right to exchange the item or has the right to withdraw from the contract. The same rights apply to the buyer if there are removable defects, but if the buyer can not properly use the defects after repair or for more defects.

  6. In the case of other non-removable defects, the buyer is entitled to an appropriate discount on the price of the item. If the thing sold at a lower price or the used thing has a defect for which the seller is responsible, the buyer has the right to a reasonable discount instead of the right to exchange the case.

  7. Within the meaning of this Complaint Procedure, the Beneficiary may file a complaint in person, in writing or by e-mail, within 24 months of the purchase of the Goods.

It must be clear from the complaint made in particular that:

  • identification of the buyer (name, surname, permanent address),
  • subject of the claim or what the buyer is seeking,
  • the seller's mark,
  • the date of the complaint,
  • buyer signature

When do I get money for the returned goods?

We are legally required to refund within 14 calendar days of the date of withdrawal. However, not before we receive the returned product or shipping confirmation.