Payment & Transportation
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Payment & Transportation

Product price

1. All prices of the goods in the order and on the online store are listed including VAT. The customer may pay the price according to the Order by:
(a) the payment gateway or

(b) by bank transfer, or

(c) direct deposits at the bank to the account of the seller.

2. The seller does not charge any fees for the price. However, the seller has advised the customer that the entity for which the payment is made, may charge a fee (such as a given bank for an account deposit).

3. The customer undertakes to pay the price within the time specified in the purchase order. Payment is the moment of attributing the prize to the seller’s account.

4. Seller commits to deliver the goods to the customer within a period of ….. working days from the date of payment of the price.

5. The price of the goods is determined according to the valid price list of the seller, published on its website. The cost of the goods will be the cost of transport, delivery, postage and packing. The total price of the merchandise, including any extra costs, will be shown in the e-mail confirming receipt of the order. Preferred (action) prices of goods are clearly marked with symbols (such as “share” or “sale”). Validity of preferential prices takes place until the stock is sold out or during the period of the preferential price, for which the operator informs the customer.

6. The operator is not responsible for the delayed delivery of goods caused by the courier (mail, courier) or the incorrect address of the customer. The customer is obliged to carefully check the goods at their delivery from the delivery agent and to confirm the receipt of the goods with his/ her signature. If the consignment is visibly damaged or destroyed, the ordering party is obliged to immediately contact the operator without accepting the shipment.

Supply of goods

The seller delivers goods worldwide.
Once the order has been confirmed, the Customer is sent an electronic order form to the contact’s email address, indicating the purchase price of the goods and shipping costs.

Shipping costs:

- Fee 0, - € when transporting by mail to Slovakia (postal order or price list) within the Slovak Republic,
- charge 0, - € when transporting DHL couriers .... or else within the Slovak Republic,
- a 0, - € charge when shipping by post as an insured letter and for a cash payment within the Czech Republic,
- charge 0, - € when transporting DHL couriers .... or other to the Czech Republic,
- € 30 fee for courier transport outside the EU,

- € 0 fee for purchases over € 150 within the EU